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How We 5x'd A SAAS' Website Traffic

In this case study, you'll learn how we were able to skyrocket a SAAS website throughout the ranks of Google. This site is now receiving over $10,000 a month in estimated organic traffic value alone!


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How We 5x'd A SAAS' Website Traffic

Project Overview

This is a software as a service business (SAAS) with big contracts.

Even though most of the terms they want to target have a small search volume, it’s OK because they are valuable keywords.

This site had good content and a few first-page rankings, but this is such a lucrative industry that just getting a few more clients could easily mean a $100k+ a year difference per client – Some of the PPC costs were up to $130 per click!

They had potential but just weren't seeing the traffic yet - that's where we come in!

Their SEO Gameplan

The SEO Audit

Whenever we take on a project with our managed SEO service, we first audit the site.

We look at keywords rankings, traffic, links, anchor text, and more.

This site had no previous penalties. It did have some previous traffic, but it wasn’t growing.

There was no over-optimization, and overall they just didn’t have enough link juice!

We wanted to increase their link equity, as well as continue making sure we created consistent content.

Keyword Research

Finding Quick Wins

We found 114 terms with a volume between 10-40 a month, with an average CPC of $20. These are not main volume keywords because this is a very niche software, but this can be very lucrative, as we mentioned earlier.

The majority of these terms were on pages 2-3. We knew from the beginning we probably wouldn’t see impressive traffic graphs for easy wins, but it would make them lots of money if we could rank them for these.

Looking At Competitors

The competitive gap analysis helps us find the keywords your competitors are currently ranking for that you are not.

These keywords are usually great ideas for creating new content and helping you differentiate from the pack.

We found 301 terms between 300 – 10,000 searches a month, all with CPC. There were many gems there, and we shared these ALL with the client.

SEO Strategy

This was a sound, fully managed SEO service strategy without many variations.

Here’s what we did:

Month 1

  • 1 Guest Post – exact match with easy win keywords
  • 1 Guest Post – exact match with other easy win keywords
  • 1 Medium Diversity Links – naked, brand, and partial match
  • 1 Blog Content x 1000 words – Focused on keywords in the content gap

Month 2 – Same thing without repeating keywords

  • 1 Guest Post – exact match with easy wins
  • 1 Guest Post – detailed match product page 2 from easy wins
  • 1 Medium Diversity Links – Branded, URL, partial match
  • 1 Blog Content x 1000 words – keyword from content gap

Month 3 – Same thing without repeating keywords

  • 1 Guest Post – exact match
  • 1 Guest Post – partial match product page 2
  • 1 Medium Diversity Links – Branded, URL, partial match
  • 1 Blog Content x 1000 words – keyword from content gap

As For The Results

We have only completed two months of links, and they haven’t even taken full effect yet...

..but look at this considerable spike in keyword rankings:

And the $$$:


If you have a good amount of content but not getting rankings, build high-quality, diverse links, and you can start realizing the traffic.

Remember, content + authority links are the key.

Month 4+ starts getting exciting because we see the results from the linking, have more to target, and can push more to page 1!


As you can see, by following a strategic plan, you can get some pretty impressive results in a short period.

These results came thanks to our fully managed SEO service program.

We encourage everyone to be consistent in their SEO plan and stay on for at least three months to start seeing results.

How We 5x'd A SAAS' Website Traffic
How We 5x'd A SAAS' Website Traffic

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