How We Grew A Denver Engineering Firm's Monthly Organic Visitors by 516% in 90 Days

July 28, 2022
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Our client, in the engineering niche, grew their quarterly sales revenue by 5% in early 2022 after working with AccretionEngine. We worked directly with their CEO and COO to help increase their organic web visitors and conversions. At the time, all their marketing efforts were centered around Craigslists and Google Ads. Eventually, they turned to AccretionEngine and invested in our 90 Growth Sprint; the rest is history!. Let's dive in and talk about how we were able to help our clients grow their revenue by 5% in 90 days.

The SEO Audit

The first thing we do whenever we take on any SEO or Search Engine Marketing project is complete a holistic SEO Audit.

We look at their current keyword ranks, organic traffic levels, backlinks, anchor texts, and more.

This website had some SEO done but now enough for it to start generating a sufficient amount of leads on autopilot.

It did have some previous traffic, but it wasn't growing at the pace the founders wanted their website to grow.

They were not experiencing over-optimization; they didn't have enough backlink juice!

We wanted to increase the amount of content on their website will also increase their link equity.

Keyword Research

Finding Quick Wins

We found 300 terms with a monthly search volume between 10 - 100, with an average CPC of $20+.

These were not considered their main keywords because of their competitive niche, but they were lucrative keywords that could be ranked organically.

Most of these terms were on the second and third pages of Google. We knew from the beginning of this company that we probably wouldn't be able to see impressive traffic graphs for their easy wins in the first 30 days, but it would make them loads of money if we were able to rank for these terms.

Looking At Competitors

Our competitive gap analysis helped us find keywords that their competitors were ranking for that they were not.

These keywords were an excellent idea for us when we created new content and differentiated them from the other engineering consulting firms.

We found 120 terms between 50 - 1,500 searches a month, all with CPC. There were many gems here, and we communicated this with our client.

SEO Strategy

This was a sound, fully managed SEO service strategy without many variations.

Here’s what we did:

Month 1

  • 1 Guest Post – exact match with easy win keywords
  • 1 Guest Post – exact match with other easy win keywords
  • 1 Medium Diversity Links – naked, brand, and partial match
  • 4 Blog Content x 1000 words – Focused on keywords in the content gap

Month 2 – Same thing without repeating keywords

  • 1 Guest Post – exact match with easy wins
  • 1 Guest Post – detailed match product page 2 from easy wins
  • 1 Medium Diversity Links – Branded, URL, partial match
  • 4 Blog Content x 1000 words – keyword from content gap

Month 3 – Same thing without repeating keywords

  • 1 Guest Post – exact match
  • 1 Guest Post – partial match product page 2
  • 1 Medium Diversity Links – Branded, URL, partial match
  • 4 Blog Content x 1000 words – keyword from content gap
SEO Audit After We Completed Our 90 Day Growth Sprint

We only completed 90 days of SEO work and they haven't even taken full effect yet...

but look at this considerable spike in organic traffic


Good Content paired with GREAT technical SEO is 80% of the SEO battle. So if you have a good amount of Content and aren't ranking higher in the search engines, your best bet is to build high-quality, diverse backlinks, and you'll start to gain a larger market share of the organic visitors in your niche.


As you can see with our strategic planning, our clients see some pretty impressive results in a short period.

These results are a testament to our SEO sprints. 

We encourage everyone to be consistent in their Search Engine Optimization and to stay working with SEO providers for at least three months to start seeing results. 

So if you're a SaaS company, a B2B Company, or an engineering firm, we can help you optimize your SEO through keyword research, link building, content creation, and more!

We can help you regardless of what industry you work in. Our clients include law firms, dental practices, HVAC companies, contractors, hotels, and others.

So many of these clients have signed up for our best-selling SEO service. Clients can work hands-on or as hands-off as they'd like with our campaign managers to achieve their goals.

Different strategies work better for various businesses, so we set up a custom strategy for every campaign. But one thing is for sure; you have to stay consistent.

Success is around the corner, and if you're patient, it will come.

Want to hear more about our SEO services or get started? Book a call with us, and we'll get the ball rolling!

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Do You Only Offer SEM?
Yes, we only offer Search Engine Marketing. This allows us to dedicate 100% of our focus to staying ahead of Google's ever-changing algorithm.
What Are "Sprints"?
A faster, easier way to deliver SEM services. Instead of long-term contracts, we work in short sprints. Each sprint has a defined goal, start, and end. Working in this manner is faster and more cost-effective.
Where Are You Located?
We're based out of Dallas, Texas, but our team is 100% remote. This allows us to find the best talent possible, regardless of location.
How Long Does It Take To Get Results?
Some of our clients see results in 30 days. Others, 90 days. It depends on your website's current standing with search engines and how much work we have to do to put your website in the algorithm's favor.

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