How We Turned A Huge ROI With A Local Businesses SEO

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This company is unique because it’s both non-US and even Non-English – It’s a French Canadian Site.

For most of our SEO products, we work natively in English but the client was OK with that even though it’s a French site.

This was a good test to see if our strategy would hold up in a non-English use case, and it did.

SEO Audit

We always start with a full SEO audit to see what's going on with the site.

This site had no penalties, it just wasn’t getting much traffic.

They were slightly over-optimized for their money keywords, having 1 exact match at 28% and another at 25%.

This wasn’t a big deal, as they just didn’t have many links, but still a consideration.

Keyword Research

Easy Wins – Find “Hidden Goldmines”

We always look for quick wins when doing keyword research - keywords that the site is ranking for, just not at the top. If we target these, we can usually get quick traffic wins!

This had less easy wins than some other sites, but that’s OK because it’s a local-focused site. Traffic is lower than other niches, but it will convert higher since there is higher intent.

We found 43 terms with traffic between 20 – 1000 searches a month, with CPC between .20 cents – $5 a click. We started by focusing on some high priorities around the $4-$5 a click range.

Competitive Gap

We found 31 terms their competition was targeting. These had volumes between 20 – 1,600 ms with CPC between .10 – $3.

Some of these keywords were local areas they hadn’t targeted yet, some of these were popular brand names of appliances that they work with, and some of these were great keywords for services they offer that they don’t have pages for yet, or weren’t optimizing.

We showed them all of these!

The SEO Campaign

This one was a bit different than our other case studies in that they had actually started doing SEO on their own before they hopped on our managed SEO program.

Their first order was placed in March 2016, and right after that, they got a nice bump.

For some reason, they stopped and didn’t place an order until Aug 2016:

They started ramping up orders around January 2017 with a mix of Large Diversity Links, Press Release services, etc:

Mid 2017, they hopped on our managed SEO program and we went at it more strategically:

Remember we have limited options, this is an international AND foreign language, so here’s what the strategy looked like:

Months 1-3 all the same

Diversity Links

Mix of Natural, Branded, and exact match since we have control

What’s even cooler is that they have spent in total, all-time with us $25,300.99.

However, Ahrefs is reporting a traffic value of $8k PER MONTH.

$8,000 per month = $96k per year they would have to spend on PPC!!


The takeaway from this is that consistency is key.

As you can see from the charts above, their SEO dropped off when they stopped taking action, and ramped back up when they got more consistent.

By using our SEO strategy, you can uncover big wins for consistent results.

No matter what type of business you are, we probably have a solution for you.

In addition, it’s important to not focus on tons of traffic – focus on the RIGHT TARGETED traffic.

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