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Founded by Alex Tchouangwa in 2020 and later joined by MacLain Johnson, AccretionEngine is built on the philosophy that SEO engagements should be based on tangible outputs as opposed to stale retainers models.By bundling functional SEO deliverables into sprints, we’ve developed an agile framework for SaaS product companies to increase the revenue they attribute to their website.

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With Sprints structured around each SEO component: existing foundation, product and content marketing, and link acquisition, AccretionEngine offers a turnkey solution for organizations at any point in their SEO journey from initial implementation to ongoing content creation and publication driven growth.AccretionEngine’s methodology is specifically aligned to innovative product-driven (SaaS) organizations that understand the strategic value of positioning their website as an organic lead generation vehicle through a future proof SEO-driven growth strategy.

Alex Tchouangwa
Chief Executive Officer
MacLain Johnson
Chief Revenue Officer

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Engineering SEO Case Study

How We Grew A Denver Engineering Firm's Monthly Organic Visitors by 516% in 90 Days

Our client, in the engineering niche, grew their quarterly sales revenue by 5% in early 2022 after working with AccretioniEngine. We worked directly with their CEO and COO to help increase their organic web visitors and conversions. At the time, all their marketing efforts were centered around Craigslists and Google Ads. Eventually, they turned to AccretionEngine and invested in our 90 Growth Sprint; the rest is history!. Let's dive in and talk about how we were able to help our clients grow their revenue by 5% in 90 days.

Increase in Organic Traffic
Revenue Growth
SEO Case Study

How We Used Our Promotional Sprint To Generate 2x More Organic Visitors For This CBD Brand

Effective link building really is the key to reaching places you never expected with your SEO. Don’t believe us? Read this case study from an online bulk CBD supplier who increased their backlinks by 1,092% after signing up for our Promotional Sprint. The power of the backlink is undeniable. It’s not only a top Google ranking factor but carries “link juice” from bigger, more authoritative sites to yours. While working with this particular client we focused on beefing up their content and gaining backlinks from high-quality guest posts. At the same time, we helped expand their online presence and let other businesses know they were an authority in the CBD industry. Keep reading to get more details about how we did it!

Increase In Backlinks
Increase in Keywords
Google Ads Case Study

How We Earned A 5405.85% ROAS For Our Client

With overall sales doubling to $2.3 billion in 2020, it’s safe to say that the health and fitness industry has exploded. Gym and sports equipment companies are poised to make big profits from more people wanting to exercise at home. And with paid ads, these companies can get in front of the right customers looking to expand their home gym. In this Accretion Engine PPC case study we’re going to show how we helped a fitness online retailer to optimize their Google Shopping Campaign and score a 5405.85% return on ad spend (ROAS) in only two months! Keep reading below to learn about how we did it.

Return on Advertisements
New Revenue Generated
Google Ads Case Study

How We Helped Our Client with Their Disapproved Google Ads

Have you ever had an ad campaign disapproved by Google? Not only is it irritating when you’re looking to get more sales on your site, but it often takes time to figure out exactly why Google shut down your campaign. What you’re about to read is a unique PPC case study showing how we helped a replacement diploma company get its ads enabled and improve its average conversion rate by 412%. If you’ve ever struggled to get your ads off the ground, this case study is for you. Keep reading below to learn how we did it.

Increase in Conversion Rate
Monthly Ad Spend
SEO Case Study

How We Increased A Career Coach's Revenue by 45% With SEO

Our client, in the career coaching niche, grew revenue by 45% in 2020 after working with Alo Media Group. Their VP of Marketing first reached out to Accretion Engine in 2019 for help growing their web traffic and conversions. At the time, all their marketing efforts were centered around Yelp in organic and paid forms. Eventually, they completely cut their Yelp budget and dumped it all into our SEO Sprints, and the rest is history! Let’s dive in and talk about how we were able to help our client grow their revenue by 45%

Monthly Organic Visitors
Revenue Growth
SEO Case Study

How We Generated 1900% More Traffic in the Real Estate SEO Niche

Success in the real estate industry is all about attracting potential homebuyers and converting them into leads by collecting their contact information. In this case study, we’ll examine how Accretion Engine helped a real estate investment company to double its backlinks, increase its ranking keywords, and get more conversions. This particular company is different from traditional realtors yet the same SEO strategies helped them to grow. They specialize in paying cash for homes to help sellers unload their properties quickly and bypass the lengthy purchasing process. Keep reading below to learn about what we did to help their SEO!

Increase in Organic Traffic
in Backlinks & Keywords
Google Ads Case Study

How We Reduced A Health Care Companies Cost Per Lead by 60%

In this case study, you’ll learn how we were able to reduce cost per lead by 60%+ in a highly competitive industry and scale the campaigns to $20k+ per month. Want to know how we did it? Let’s get into it!

Reduced Cost Per Lead
Campaign Scaled Past
Google Ads Case Study

How We Reduced Cost Per Lead by 85%

In this PPC case study, we will show you how we took an existing campaign, dropped the lead cost by over 85%, saved them thousands in ad spend, and 6x the monthly lead count. Want to see how we did it? In this article, I will break down the strategies that helped us turn this campaign around... AND show you how to apply these strategies to your Google Ads PPC Campaigns!

Reduced Ad Spend
More Monthly Leads
Google Ads Case Study

How We Generated 752 Leads In 90 Days with our Google Ads Strategy

In this case study, I’m going to show you how we took a failing Google Ads campaign and turned it into an enormous success. In fact, we were able to generate 752 leads in the first 90 days of their campaign! Here’s how we did it:

Leads Generated
Campaign Length
SEO Case Study

How We Dominated Google with Consistency & Patience

Opening a new business isn’t easy, and in today’s market, a strong digital presence is necessary to create a thriving empire. There’s one piece of advice we give all new clients, especially those who just launched their website, and that’s to have patience and consistency. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “good things come to those who wait,” and when it comes to SEO that’s 100% true. On average, it takes three months of dedicated SEO work for Google to recognize and reward the work you put in. And for a brand new website, it can take even longer to start seeing results. In this case study, we’ll break down how three of our clients used patience and consistency to get the results they wanted, and then some! Ready to get started?

Brand New Websites
Monthly Organic Visitors